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About Jacqueline


Hello beautiful souls, thank you for stopping by! I have been a practicing psychic and medium for almost 10 years now. Over time I've noticed my clients have come to me for mentoring psychic gifts and providing guidance for activation, awakening, and transformation. I love holding space with you and Spirit so you can hear their guidance and know your next steps. Ultimately, my hope is for you to find more freedom, joy and trust in Spirit.

I also hope to assist you in your personal growth and connect you to the divinity within, your Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. As a Medium, I provide a safe, sacred space to open the portal to the universal consciousness and your specific ancestors/guides/masters. I can channel direct messages to specific questions, or simply hold the space for general messages that need to come through.


Many have said that I am a heart-based reader, where my goal is to hold a loving, powerful space to make sure the session gets to the 'heart' of the matter and that you leave feeling at peace and loved by your guides. Spirit never sends messages you are not ready to hear. Please be aware that I no longer offer readings that focus mainly on your loved one's. That's not to say that they will not come through, if they do, I am always willing and happy to pass on any messages.

To book a session with Jacqueline, go to the Request A Reading page and submit the form. For a detailed view of services offered, go to the Services page. A 1-Hr session with Jacqueline is $300.










About Becca

Hello, my name is Becca. Since childhood I've always been fascinated in the ethereal and the occult. As a child, I was aware of my gifts of clairvoyance and claircognizance, but never spoke of it, as I didn't understand it myself. After receiving guidance from Jacqueline, I learned that I'm also gifted with clairailence, clairsentience, and mediumship. I hope to help each of you, whether it's providing spiritual advisement, connecting with loved ones, or providing a craft service. I'm excited to be apart of your journey and look forward to you being part of mine.

Services offered by Becca: Psychic/Mediumship Session and Spiritual Cleansing and House Cleansing.

To book a session with Becca, go to the Request A Reading page and submit the form. For a detailed view of services offered, go to the Services page. A 1-Hr session with Becca is $200.




UPDATE: New Accelerated Mentorship Program. Do you want to be a practicing psychic/medium? You can be featured like Becca with an introductory rate and I can teach you everything I know in order to be a practitioner in one 2-hr session and then guide you on the steps on your journey. It is accelerated, because it's a fast track and how far you want to go is up to you! I'll give you my personal cell, setup test readings with trusted clients and feature you on my website as an available reader when you're ready. Want to know more? Go to my Services page and read about the "Accelerated Mentorship" offering.



Thank you for visiting my website, please check my Announcements page for updates and availability changes. 


Light and Blessings,

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