Wisdom of Divine Love 


Wisdom of Divine Love's first Weekly Meeting his Sunday, August 18th. Going to the "Events" Page for more details!


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Notice - Scheduling Changes - Request a Reading


Please be aware, I changed how to schedule a session to make sure we're the right fit! Please go to "Request a Reading" page. For general questions, go to my "Contact" page.

Notice - COVID Update! - July 2021

I am slowly rolling out in-person readings this month, they will only be offered on the weekends. On your reading request, mention you'd like in-person and I will give you my weekend availability. Please be aware due to limited spots, it may be up to 2-3 weeks out.

All other readings scheduled during the week will be Zoom meetings with the usual open availability.


Continue to check my announcement page for updates!

Sending you all Love, Light, and Abundant Blessings!

Austin Psychic