**Hi everyone, due to COVID all sessions are via Zoom/Phone during the week. In-person readings are only offered on the weekends in order to reduce exposure to me and my family. Thank you all for stopping by! For more details or regular updates, visit my Announcements page**


1 Hr Spirit Messages/Psychic Session - $150



1 Hour session guided by your Spirit Masters, Guides and  sometimes Loved ones who have crossed over, we open a space to facilitate any messages that are intended for you. You may receive answers to specific questions, or just see what comes through. This session can include Tarot/Oracle readings. Please note that I no longer provide sessions that focus solely on loved one's who crossed over. Although sometimes they come through, and I am happy to deliver their messages!

1 Hr Tarot Session  - $150



I offer a full hour of tarot card readings, for those of you who prefer it. I most likely will use the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck to answer specific questions you might have. I typically use the "Celtic Cross Spread" which is drawing 10 cards to look at your current situation, what we can learn about it, who is influencing your situation and what the potential outcome will be for general readings. I may use some of my Oracle cards, depending on your specific energy and messages. 

1 Hr Spiritual Counseling  - $150



Do you have any challenges that need a fresh perspective or thoughts that need clarity? Together we will open a safe and nurturing space to talk through your unique life experience. Often I find these sessions talk about deep-seated family issues, relationships, career paths and emotional blocks. Our Spirit Masters and Angels will be there to guide us through the session and provide direction and clarity to any situation. This session can also be simply to talk and find release. This can be conducted over the phone or in-person. 



1 Hr Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching - $150



Are you just beginning on your journey with Spirit and need help with understanding, studying and developing your unique gifts? I provide one-on-one coaching that is unique to you developing your connection and growth with Spirit. This is also good for those wanting to know their next action-step on their Spiritual journey or simply even to begin at step one! This is also safe place to talk about any uncomfortable experiences and how protect yourself along your Spiritual path. Receive knowledge on connecting with Spirit, meditation, tarot, crystals, spiritual rituals and psychic protection. Also learn who your main Spirit guides are!


30 Min Phone or Zoom Session - $75

30 minute sessions are only provided via phone or Skype. We can focus on any of the services listed above, please just let me know at the time of the session what you'd like your focus to be.

Short Email Reading - $25

This is a 1 question (a follow-up/clarifying question can be included as well) email reading. Responses are given within 24-48hrs, with most being delivered within the 24hr time frame and usually are about a one page word document. Pictures of the tarot/oracle cards drawn (if used) will be included as an attachment to the email. For additional questions, please request another reading by re-submitting the form. This is one of the few services I ask for payment before sending the reading. Once I've completed your email reading, I'll email you and let you know it's complete and send you the payment link. Once payment is received, I will send you full page response. Thank you for understanding!

Same Day 30-Min Session Phone or Zoom Session - $100

I know how often in my own life things will pop-up and we want clarity or answers to help us make informed present day decisions within the same day. Because of this, I do offer same-day readings over the phone or via Zoom, which means the day you request the reading will be the day you have your reading. I will try and accommodate your availability as best I can. This service is offered for 30-mins at $100. If you do not need to talk right away, you can book the regular scheduled session for $75.

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