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"The first time I ever met Jacqueline was completely by accident. I was at work in the mall, I saw her walk by the window as I was helping a client. Our eyes met for a moment and she walked past. Less than a minute later I saw her turn around and head into my store. She asked if she could speak with me and explained her gift and that she had a very important message for me. Spirit was screaming for her to turn around and come and relay this message that I was not where I was supposed to be, that this was not my path in life. She said there was a creative career that I had once pursued and since closed the doors on. She told me I was never supposed to close that door and that I needed to reopen it, once I head down that path again, that is where I am meant to be in my life. Months before I had given up on a career in the film industry as an actor and gone back to focusing on my "normal" job. I felt like my soul had been sucked out me in this place. A year later, I was presented with the opportunity to reopen the film doors...I did and that's all I have ever done since! I didn't remember at first what Jacqueline had told me until months later, it finally dawned on me that she and the spirits were right! Making that move was like my soul had been reenergized! I've since had other readings from Jacqueline and she is always spot on and so kind, warm and helpful. There is no one else I would go to for spiritual guidance, this woman truly has a gift!"

Jessica P.

Shannon J.

"Thanks for the reading. You seemed to really pick up on some things very strongly and the fact that you figured out that I was pisces rising was pretty remarkable.  And the Queen of Cups thing - wow! Thanks again, and I look forward to talking to you again You really helped me, and I appreciate it."

Marsha K.

"Receiving a reading and Jacqueline’s spiritual energy is truly a blessing! She has a true gift and uses it for the good of all. Her reading(s) help me to grow and mature along my earth and spiritual path. Thank you Jacqueline for all you are and all you do"










"I have not had much experience with mediums but Jacqueline came very highly recommended from a friend so I decided to reach out to her for a reading. After spending an hour with her I was absolutely amazed at what she knew about me and what was going on in my life without me saying anything about it. She had some incredible spiritual advice that really changed the way I think about my life. I walked away from my time with her feeling very calm and at peace. I have thought about the lessons and advice she gave me everyday since my reading with her. I will be recommending Jacqueline to all my friends and would encourage anyone curious about mediums to reach out to her. You will be truly amazed by what she can do. Thanks Jacqueline!!"

Chris K.

Gyongi P.

"The reading I had with Jacqueline was amazing! One of the best I have ever had. She picked up on so many things right away, that she had no way of knowing since she hadn't met me prior to the reading. I still get the chills from the information that was revealed by her. I HIGHLY recommend getting a reading with Jacqueline (my Sister from many lifetimes ago) :)"

"First and foremost, Jacqueline is a true human: caring about others and doing it from her huge heart. I do not even want to call what she does "readings". Jacqueline is very accurate, deeply intuitive and is following her calling for the highest good of your soul. Needless to say I recommend her for the readings."

Nata P.

"It is a blessing to have met Jacqueline. I sought her services for guidance from Spirit. During my session, the connection she established with the Divine was palatable; the room was buzzing with energy. The messages she delivered hit home and she gave me personalized methods and advice on how to continue to connect with Spirit in my daily life and also how to work through some of the self limiting belief systems I have been clinging to. I left the session feeling lighter and more optimistic than I have in a long time. I'm so grateful she is here and able to share her gift. Thank you Jacqueline!"

Mary R.

"I have had several readings with Jacqueline and every one of them has been incredible. Her readings are positive and specific. She possesses a unique gift and uses it to help others find their path. I have witnessed multiple readings for friends that I have referred to her, and those friends have had spiritual growth and realizations. So awesome!"










Adam F.

"Having a reading with Jacqueline was a very positive and enlightening experience. I was skeptical at first having never experienced a reading. However, I received full validation and enjoyed the reading. I learned ways to grow spiritually, and she answered all of my questions. I still use many of the things I learned during my reading daily."

Carter K.

"Hi Jacqueline,  I am happy we got to meet via Skype, you surprised me with your reading, it was a great experience for me, you knew everything about me, my character, emotions, my plans, it's like we grew up together, even though it's the first time we met haha. Not only you told me things about me, but you also gave me this great energy and positivity, and courage to continue with my future plans. You are wonderful, and an amazing woman. Thank you very much and I look forward to talk to you again!"










Ava K.

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